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 Mindy Laczynski, Licensed Professional Counselor

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About Me

"Seek that wisdom that will untie your knot.  Seek the path that demands your whole being."    


I am a master's level Licensed Professional Counselor with 20 years experience as a therapist providing services to adolescents and adults.  In addition to private clients, my experience has included residential treatment settings, community mental health, school-based and home-based therapy.  My experience has allowed me to work with diverse ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and lifestyles, which has greatly enriched my life.  In recent years my practice has come to specialize in helping other helping professionals. 

I have had a life-long passion for exploration of all things psychological and spiritual on my personal path of creating a meaningful, rich life.  I'm lucky to call my passion my profession.  My path has led me through Eastern traditions, new thought, mindfulness, Jungian analysis, contemplative and meditation practices, plant medicine retreats and energy medicine, all which have influenced me.  I don't believe there is a greater adventure than deep inner work.  Rigorous and transformative training at the Mind Energy Body Institute deepened my ability to bring energy work, body work and spiritual healing into therapy with those clients that want this approach.  I also am a certified Reiki level II practitioner.  When integrating these practices, I believe its important to continue to have one's feet planted fully on the ground and not try to bypass the pain that comes with being human. In addition I am EMDR trained and participating in a consultation program to become certified.

A Chicago transplant, I moved to Colorado 20 years ago- I've been here most of my adult life.  Being outdoors connecting to nature and creativity are my soulfood.  I'm also a mixed media artist -you can find my work at  Being a mom to two amazing kids, my dear friends, my own spiritual practices and therapy round out what keeps me returning again and again to my own center.  I practice what I preach, and my style with clients is caring, present, authentic and direct.  I don't pretend to be untouched by the struggles and pain in life.