Breathwork Facilitation

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What it is: 
While lying down, you are guided into an intentional, conscious and connected breathing pattern done over an extended period of time (~60 min).  This breathing pattern puts you into an altered state of consciousness. In this state- similar to flow states, meditation and daydreaming- your thinking mind and ego are quieted, and invites what has been hidden in the unconscious to become conscious, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  I have found breathwork to be on of the most powerful healing tools available to us. It allows us to connect back to our true nature and along the way meet and breath into whatever blocks our path.  Like any practice for our health and well-being, the benefits of breathwork are accumulative over time.  The breath is one of the most powerful medicines we have for mind, body and spirit, and it is always available to us.

Possible Benefits:

  • Physical detoxification- 70% of our body’s detoxification happens through breathing
  • Releases stress, energetic and emotional blocks, patterns of tension and holding in the body. 
  • Transformation of trauma and wounding, limiting beliefs and patterns 
  • Decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression 
  • Increase feelings of aliveness, vitality and well being
  • Gain clarity, creative inspiration, and connect to your intuition and higher guidance
  • Deep connection to your true nature- like coming home  
  • Experience peace, joy, love, openness and gratitude
  • Remember your spiritual connection to God/ Source energy, the Sense of Oneness and interconnection of all things, the I AM presence. 

Current breathwork offerings:

  • virtual breathwork ceremonies over zoom.  This can be a great way to get introduced to the practice or be part of an ongoing, established practice.    

  • private individually guided 2 hour breathwork facilitation/ coaching sessions over zoom.  These include both a talking/coaching portion and individualized facilitated breathwork.   Private sessions can be purchased individually or as a package at a discounted rate.


Golden Whole Being Therapy
Mindy (Nasima) Laczynski, Licensed Professional Counselor