Golden Whole Being Therapy
Mindy (Nasima) Laczynski, Licensed Professional Counselor

Helping Professionals

Over the last several years I have found my to specialize in supporting others that are in helping professions- teachers, health care, mental health, activism, etc. 

I find those that enter into these professions is often driven by a deep sense of passion, purpose, and devotion. Its more of a life calling than a job.  That same passion and caring that comes from the heart can come with a cost- whether it is too much personal sacrifices, burnout, compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma. 

Resilience can be learned and practiced, and there is a way forward.  We are all Wounded Healers- we all carry wounds and the ability to heal.  When one become over-identified with being "the healer" because of this life's work, it's at the risk of denying one's wounded parts, so they fester and grow.  For those that are in helping professions, taking care of one's own wounding is paramount.

My work with helping professionals is sometimes psychotherapy (including EMDR for vicarious trauma) and can also be breathwork practices, mentoring and coaching about self-care practices, exploration of ways to create more personal sustainability and set healthy boundaries, exploration of career alternatives, and managing symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout. 

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