Golden Whole Being Therapy
 Mindy Laczynski, Licensed Professional Counselor

Counseling Services

I am grateful to earn a living doing what I love as a psychotherapist. When someone chooses to enter into a therapeutic relationship with me, I experience it as a great privilege.  In providing counseling services, I see myself as a companion and guide, helping others reclaim their own innate wisdom and heal themselves.  My role is to help clients learn to sense and transform negative emotional patterns, beliefs and traumas being held in the mind and body.  By learning to embrace difficulty and view painful patterns as opportunity to deepen into authentic wholeness, it allows us to embrace our life more fully.  Living in this way, we expand our experience of ourselves, our relationships and the world. 

In my practice, I use an integrative approach to therapy, always individualized to the client's goals, desires and comfort level with treatment.  Taking skill building pieces from cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavior therapy models, integrating the latest in attachment therapy and neurobiology research with mindfulness practice, meditation, body and energy work. 

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Ring the bells that still can ring. 

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything,

that's how the light gets in.

-L. Cohen